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Insurance InfoMedicaid is a health care program that provides comprehensive health care services to low income adults and children. Services covered by Medicaid are offered through what is called fee-for-service or through Medicaid Health Plans.

  • Fee-for-service is the term for Medicaid paid services that are not provided through a health plan. This means that Medicaid pays for the service.
  • Most people are required to join a health plan; usually a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). The health plan pays for Stimate and Lysteda, While your Medicaid plan pays for your factor and all other drugs if you need them.  (What is an HMO?)

To apply for Medicaid, complete an application online.
Michigan Medicaid
Ohio Medicaid
Indiana Medicaid

Bleeding Disorder Specifics

  • You must update your Medicaid/CSHCS or BMCH plans if you have or eventually acquire other insurance. This is called coordination of benefits, and will avoid decline of payment
  • All Medicaid health plans require a primary care physician and referrals
  • You may receive transportation assistance to get to your treatment center