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Diagnosis of a Bleeding Disorder

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The best place for patients in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio with hemophilia to be diagnosed and treated is at one of the federally-funded hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) that are spread throughout the region. HTCs provide comprehensive care from skilled hematologists and other professional staff, including nurses, physical therapists, social workers and sometimes dentists, dietitians and other healthcare providers.

A medical health history is important to help determine if other relatives have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder or have experienced symptoms.BABYTests that evaluate clotting time and a patient’s ability to form a clot may be ordered. A clotting factor test, called an assay, will determine the type of hemophilia and its severity.

It should be noted that diagnostic testing to confirm vWD may have to be repeated because levels of vWF fluctuate. vWF can rise due to stress, exercise, the use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy and hyperthyroidism.

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