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Ordering Process

When you realize you’re running low on medication or supplies, don’t hesitate to give Cascade a call. You can speak to any one of our pharmacists or pharmacy technicians to place a refill order or just to order supplies. We’ll try our best to not keep you on the phone for a long period of time, but there are a few questions that we have to ask.

When we receive an order from your treatment center or receive a call from you for a refill we initiate the order process.  You can also sign up to order via text below.

> Sign up for text communications

Information We Need for Your Order

  • Preferred date and address for delivery
  • Any changes in your health or insurance (Please let Cascade know of any changes in your insurance immediately. And indicate ALL insurance plans)
  • How many doses of factor you have on hand and if you’ve had any recent bleeds that required additional doses (required by your insurance company)
  • Height, weight and allergies (required by your insurance company)
  • Other medications you are currently taking (in order to prevent unwanted interactions).
  • What additional supplies you require (Cascade will provide specific supplies based on your need and at no charge to you)
  • If you have any questions about your order

The day your order is to be shipped we pull all the required medications and supplies – label them appropriately and have two people check each step along the way to ensure everything in your order is accurately filled and delivered.